Start 19-02-2019 / End 20-03-2019

Optimization of operations

IoT Data from a mesh network based measurement

In regards of your project, we have develloped an IoT logger / Measurement device wich is in version 1.2 at this point, this gives us raw data from each road side well, the data provides information regarding the level of sand in the well, and is operating on a very low power consumption, price on version 1.2 device is still under 500,- DKK each

Our goul is to establish a measurement to a very low price, but at this point we are not working with this product, hence we need a new partner(s), and will not be able to finish this on our own. 

We have a server solution, wich is somewhat prepared to handle big data like this, and we thing machine learning will be the way to on this, because of the data ammount.

We can offer a information meeting, where we will fill out some of the gabs you mention in your challenge description. 

If this leads to more will be up to you, but at this point we made some experience on the matter, that we are willing to share. 

Created by Anonymous d. 25. feb. 2019