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About The Regional Data Hub

When "big data" and intelligent urban development are combined, it creates new opportunities to solve some of the challenges facing municipalities and develop new services for the benefit of citizens and communities.

With this in mind, the Regional Data Hub project focuses on promoting data sharing across administrations, municipalities and different sectors. It aims to enable solutions that support accessibility and resource utilisation, as well as increasing the quality of life in our cities. This will be done through data mapping and by making that data available.

Market involvement
The project unfolds procurement law through a process where we

  • Target market dialogue
  • Initiate public-private innovation cooperation, and
  • Test new solution proposals in close dialogue with municipalities and Living Labs

Market involvement

The market dialogue must help solve the challenges identified by the municipalities in the following areas:

  • Mobility
  • Climate Protection
  • Operation Optimisation

During fall 2018 and spring 2019, companies will be invited to participate in market dialogues within individual tracks. These will be announced on Comdia on an ongoing basis.

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