How can data predict traffic patterns in the event of major city planning changes?

Start date: 24-02-2021 - 15:00
End date: 18-03-2021 - 23:59

In order to strengthen the municipal planning work, we are seeking a solution that can shed light on how changes to a city plan can impact traffic in a local area e.g. installing a convenience store in a local area, or designing a larger residential or commercial area.

What do the city plan changes mean for traffic in general, for different types of traffic (e.g. heavy traffic and / or increased through traffic, public transport) and traffic volume? And what about the noise? The hope is that the knowledge gained by e.g. simulation or traffic predictions, must help to strengthen mobility, urban and road planning.

Therefore, the municipalities need a tool that can shed light on the traffic consequences of urban and traffic development that it is currently aware of for the immediate area.

The challenge is described, and we have uploaded a screen shot of the prototype developed i 2018/2019 as inspiration.

Please look at the challenge and answer the questions no later than the 18th of March 2021.

And please read the document about the market dialogue and the PPI contract we would like to enter.

Thank you!