Scaling – optimization of the road capacity

Start date: 06-04-2020 - 00:00
End date: 08-05-2020 - 23:59

How can Floating Car Data be used to optimize road capacity?

In this challenge we are looking for innovative solutions in order to optimize road capacity  by using different data sources. One of them must be Floating Car Data.

You will find the challenge desribed under Documents - both in English (The challenge in English) and in Danish (Udfordringen på dansk).

Furthermore you will find

  • text about how we will conduct the market dialogue and
  • the proposal for a PPI Agreement.

The project is funded among others from the Capital Region of Denmark.

Deadline for answering this invitation is May the 8th, 2020 at 23.59.

17. April 2020 - Lise Søderberg, The Regional Data Hub
How can Floating Car Data be used to optimize road capacity?
Floating Car Data - message from Gate 21

There are many different Floating Car data sources.

One of them is Connected Cars.

The company Cowi, who has access to this data source, has offered to make the gps data from Connected Cars available for vendors in this project.

If you are interested please contact Jonas Hammershøj Olesen from Cowi (, tel. + 45 56 40 79 92).