Provision of network infrastructure equipment, maintenance and support

Start date: 08-09-2017 - 00:00
End date: 18-09-2017 - 23:59

In order to perform its business objectives, the secretariat depends on a high performing and resilient network infrastructure with maximum availability and support. Therefore, the secretariat would like to establish a long-term contract of three to five years with a qualified service provider who can undertake all tasks related to maintenance, implementation and support of an ICT network infrastructure with the following scopes.  

Maintenance and support of the existing network infrastructure including LAN and WLAN based on Cisco technology. Maintenance and support of the manageable office switches based on Microsens products.

Network optimization including but not limited to LAN/WLAN, network management and network security solution. Support for ad-hoc project on the implementation of new network services in the headquarters and possibly in conference sites.

The UNFCCC would now like to engage with the open market by inviting companies to reveiw and make comments, or ask questions on the attached document (Terms of Reference). Please see also refer to the areas section when asking questions or comments. 

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