Provision of ICT Equipment and Services for Conferences and Workshops

Start date: 22-06-2016 - 00:00
End date: 13-07-2016 - 23:59

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change is the basis of the intergovernmental negotiating process to address the global problem of climate change.  That process is serviced by the Climate Change Secretariat.  The secretariat supports the implementation of the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol by a range of activities, including through substantive and organizational support to meetings of Governments.  In this context, it organizes major conferences that are held in Bonn, Germany. Similar meetings, workshops and conferences will potentially be held outside of Germany at any global location with basic ICT infrastructure.

The scope of services required for information communications technology includes:

A.     LAN networking equipment installations and related expertise:

Provide all necessary human resources, project management\supervision, equipment, materials, supplies and other requirements to set up, maintain and support a professional Local Area Network (LAN) at the location for the conferences/meetings and workshops to be held in Germany (including wireless network services). The network services provided should extend to all the buildings included as part of the conference site including satellite locations.

B.     Rental of frontend ICT equipment:

Provide on rental basis all frontend equipment like laptops, desktop and MultiFunctional printing devices, for the duration of the meeting.

C.     ICT support service:

Provide skilled on-site ICT support for the duration of the meetings and\or during specific periods of time like during absence of secretariat ICT staff on retreats\missions.