Tool for online voluntary cancellation of CERs

Start date: 04-07-2014 - 00:00
End date: 31-08-2014 - 23:59
Welcome to this technical dialogue concerning "Online tool for voluntary cancellation of CERs" for the UNFCCC.
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The purpose of the dialogue is to explain the requirements of the UNFCCC secretariat and to seek information and suggestions to help identify possible solutions. The UNFCCC also hopes to gain insights concerning market characteristics and service options. 
We would also be thankful if you could indicate how your company could contribute to delivering a solution and in what time frames.

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The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the focus of the political process to address climate change. The Convention secretariat supports the Convention and its Kyoto Protocol by a range of activities, including substantive and organizational support to meetings of the Parties and implementation of its mandates.
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) allows greenhouse gas emission-reduction projects in developing countries to earn certified emission reduction (CERs) credits, each equivalent to one ton of CO2 avoided. These CERs can be sold by the project participants (PPs) to be used by developed countries to meet a part of their emission reduction targets under the Kyoto Protocol or to be voluntarily cancelled by any entity or individual to offset their climate footprint. 

The project: Online tool for voluntary cancellation of CERs

The secretariat has been mandated to explore options to develop an online tool that allows any member of the public to purchase the cancellation of CERs available to PPs in the CDM registry (CDM-R). This online tool would provide a marketplace-type system to put buyers and PPs in contact. Buyers will pay PPs to cancel selected CERs on their behalf.

Voluntary cancellation puts the CERs permanently out of circulation and the process is not reversible. Voluntary cancellation can be used to voluntarily offset greenhouse gas emissions by individuals, companies, governments and others.

The following are the logical components of the system (please refer to the solution diagram in the section document on the left-hand side of the screen):

•      Market place – the platform where CERs are made available for voluntary cancellation. PPs offer CERs available to them in the CDM R to buyers. Buyers make payments to PPs for the cancellation of the selected CERs.;
•      Payment system – a system that manages the payment transactions;
•      CDM Registry – a system that holds CERs according to Kyoto Protocol regulations.
Attached documents
11. Juli 2014 -
1 - Preliminary general requirements
Open for clarifications and suggestions

Dear participants in the dialogue:

We are looking forward to clarifying any questions you may have about the high-level requirements that have been developed for this online tool for voluntary cancellation of CERs.

Thank you. 


8. August 2014 - Gareth Phillips
2.5 - Finding units
Link to PDD and monitoring reports

Can you add a link to the PDD and monitoring reports of projects which are offering CERs for voluntary cancellation?

8. August 2014 - Gareth Phillips
2.8 - Fulfilment of the order
attestation certificate

MM days suggests that the issuance will take some time. 

I would like to receive the attestation certificate immediately or at least within a matter of hours not days. For example, a user might want to attach the attestation to a product or report and to facilitate this, the certificate should be available as soon as possible. Can you speed this element up? 

8. August 2014 - Gareth Phillips
2.6 - Placing an order
free text for attestation certificate

The free text field is very important to allow voluntary uers to be very specific about what they are cancelling units for - for example they may want to list a particular product or service for which the units have been cancelled. Please ensure there is enough space to enter free text and that the layout of the attestation certificate takes account of this text and lloks presentable. What do you mean by a list of names?

8. August 2014 - Gareth Phillips
2.7 - Payment System
how to pay

Will I be able to use my paypal account or credit card to pay for the cancellation?

8. August 2014 - Gareth Phillips
1 - Preliminary general requirements
help to calculate carbon footprint

Will you provide links to tools to help calculate carbon footprint; giudance on average emissions for common activities (e.g. what should I cancel if I attended an international conference for 3 days?); and advice on wording for attestation certificates e.g. can you discourage users from caiming that they have made their life climate neutral by cancelling 10 CERs....? 

11. August 2014 - Anonymous
2 - Market Place
Intershop's Solution for "Online tool for voluntary cancellation of CERs"

Please find the solution proposal from Intershop and insights of the Intershop 7 attached.