How to get started

  • First, create a user profile. It is free of charge. New user
  • Log in with your company profile to be able to engage in dialogue with other companies. Login
  • Click on for more information about this tender.
  • Click on This allows you to receive email alerts when there is news about the tender.

How to register on Consortium Match

  • Click on next to the tender. This links up your user profile to the specific tender.
  • Register various information about your company in relation to the specific tender.
  • As bidder and contractor you can search for potential sub-contractors via the “Company list” at the bottom
  • As sub-contractor you can find contact information for the registered contractors / bidders for the specific tender via the “Company list”.

If you need help, contact Comdia on +45 71 99 36 72 / support@comdia.com.

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