Start 30-08-2018 / End 25-09-2018

Dialogue on mobility challenges

Number of Mobility challenges

Dear Madam/sir

A short question: Is it correct that the number of challenges in this market dialogue on mobility is six? 

I am asking because it is mentioned on your web-page, that the defined number of challenges is 11 (see here: 

https://www.gate21.dk/markedsdialog-er-naeste-skridt-i-tvaergaaende-dataprojekt/ )

Best Regards 

Morten Lind

Created by Anonymous d. 7. sep. 2018

Extension of submission

Dear madam, sir 

We have read with great interest the challenges for this Market Dialogue and we actually have some solutions which could be of interest. As the deadline for submission is in the middle of the ITS World Congress we would Kindly ask if it is possible to extend the submission with one week after the congress, in order to be able to provide the proper attention to the challenges at hand.


Danny Vroemen

Created by Danny Vroemen, Tekniskløsning ApS d. 4. sep. 2018