Please ask any questions regarding the market dialogoue or the specific challenges here

Please ask any questions regarding the market dialogoue or the specific challenges here.

Information on the market dialogue itself as well as the six challenges can be found in the "documents" section as pdf files.

Created by Lars Rachlitz, The Regional Data Hub d. 7. dec. 2018
Anonymous d. 10. jan. 2019
Dear Lars and Colleagues.
It is an interesting challenge you have posted ant is has for sure our interest at Orbicon. Mainly cecourse it is very close to the professional field we allready work within. I have prefered a short phone conversation but could not find a phonenumber. I am writing instead :)
I have following questions comments
1. The attached contract form seems to be very comprehensive compared to a potential job on say 50K. Do you have in mind to use it for any further potential projects or is it only for this mockup/prototype challenges.
2. Is the written and mutual communication in english only or do you expect the mockup, prototype to be both in english and danih or is it up to us?
Best regards
Ole Smith, osmi@orbicon.dk, 40178926
Lars Rachlitz, The Regional Data Hub d. 11. jan. 2019
Dear Ole,

Thank you for your questions. We look very much forward to hopefully recieving your reply to one or more of the challenges. Regarding your questions:

1) The PPI-agreement draft has been adapted from a standard agreement, that has been developed as part of the project "Cleantech TIPP" which is a project that is focused solely on Public-Private Innovation. It can bed comsidered as being quite comprehensive in the context of this project, "The Regional Datahub", yes. But we believe that most paragraphs in the agreement draft are relevant. The agreement draft is, however, only a standard agreement, which the actual PPI-agreemenets, that we will (and already have) sign(ed) in this project are based upon.

The draft will probably be used for other projects in the future, yes - but we do not yet know, if it will be used as a foundation for scaling any of the prototypes/mock-ups that we build in this project. This will be decided upon at a later stage - partly on the basis of what is derived/learned through working on the prototypes and mock-ups in this project.

2) All of us who will recieve your questions and answers to the challenges speak Danish - so you are very welcome to contact us in Danish in the future. English is, however, also okay.

The same goes for the language used in the building of a prototype or mockup: It could be in English or Danish (but not necessarily both. The language used will probably be decided upon by you and the other PPI-partners after meeting and lookang at which datasources/inputs are most relevant.

If you have any other questions or coments, which are better answered on the phone, you are welcome to contact me on +45 22 51 17 27.

Lars Rachlitz - Project Manager, Gate 21
Anonymous d. 11. jan. 2019
Tak for svaret Lars. Jeg syntes det er fyldestgørende for nu. Jeg ringer hvis det bliver nødvendigt. God weekend
mvh Ole Smith