Market dialogues
Copenhagen is energising dialogue

The City of Copenhagen is Denmark's largest purchaser with a purchase volume of DKK 11 billion annually. This provides ample opportunity to have an impact on the development of the market, obtain keen prices and, at the same time, set high requirements with regard to quality, the environment etc. It also requires an in-depth knowledge of products and dialogue with the players in the market.

With the City of Copenhagen's purchase policy for the period 2014-2018 and a number of approved initiatives in connection with the focus on making it easier to bid for contracts with the City of Copenhagen, the municipality is placing huge emphasis on dialogue with companies during the tendering process. Therefore, dialogue with the market has become a political priority which the municipality's employees are responding well to".  - Rikke Stampe Wesch.


Greater insight and fewer mistakes

Rikke Stampe Wesch is project manager in the City of Copenhagen's Centre for Finance: Tender & Contracts Team.  She describes why a digital dialogue tool like Comdia, Processio's platform, is an important tool when it comes to the municipality's tendering process too:

"We must have the best solutions and products. Therefore, we need to know all about the latest developments and innovation going on in the market at all times. There are numerous ways in which we can do this. One way is to use a digital platform such as Comdia, whereby we can enter into dialogue with the players in the market before we start the tendering process. The dialogue that takes place on the digital platform can help us better equip ourselves in relation to stipulating requirements for the latest solutions".

According to Rikke Stampe Wesch, the City of Copenhagen is also working vigorously to prevent any mistakes that mean the tendering process has to be repeated:  

"If we have inadequate insight into the market when we issue a tender, there is a risk that we may have to reissue the tender. But, as this places a huge strain on resources for all parties involved, it is something that we are very keen to avoid. Dialogue with the market can help us avoid having to reissue our tender".

Breaks down barriers
Another reason behind the City of Copenhagen's desire to work with a digital platform like Comdia is to ensure improved contact with the market, including small and medium-sized enterprises. Rikke Stampe Wesch elaborates:

"It is a political focal point to break down barriers so that small and medium-sized enterprises also have the opportunity to bid for contracts with the municipality. Therefore, we have requested a solution that gives an opportunity to broaden our horizons and achieve better results. With a tool like Comdia, suppliers can keep themselves informed about which projects we have in the pipeline and they can then move on to starting up a dialogue regarding relevant projects".

Extensive knowledge of the market
In Rikke Stampe Wesch's view, energising contact with the suppliers in the market is crucial.

"Many of the tenders issued by the City of Copenhagen are of the scale that they must be put out to tender in compliance with EU rules. Consequently, a digital tool like Comdia's digital platform can be a great help. If we are to have knowledge of the market, we need to know what the market has to offer in more general terms. In practice, this is difficult to do, which is why a digital tool, such as Comdia can be a great help”. 

Says Rikke Stampe Wesch, before continuing:

“There are very good reasons why we can't invite all companies to physical meetings at Copenhagen City Hall.  Therefore, we also need a digital platform that ensures that we have the opportunity to disseminate information and ensure that the players in the market are able to ask questions or share knowledge".