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Comdia Launches new solution for public-private sector cooperation

An overview of suppliers, simplified processes, dialogue and the combating of social dumping – Processio's latest solution is intended to strengthen public-private sector cooperation and bring companies to the attention of purchasers in the public sector!

At the beginning of 2015, Processio launched their new tool, Suppliers Lists, for their Comdia platform. The goal is to make it easier for purchasers in the public sector to work digitally with the processing involved in calls for tenders – covering everything from the initial planning and identifying the market to dialogue with companies and the signing of contracts. Everything on one and the same portal. 

The Suppliers Lists tool has been developed in partnership with the City of Odense on the basis of a concrete desire to involve small and medium-sized enterprises in the construction and civil engineering industries in particular in some of the smaller contracts put out by the municipality.  Cecilie Schwartz Førby, Tender Manager with the City of Odense, explains: 

"We needed a 100% digital solution that was capable of simplifying the process and increase awareness worldwide. As purchasers, we need to know more about which suppliers are out there. And, among other things, suppliers need to know about all the relevant contracts, the opportunity to enter into dialogue and to obtain an overview of which specific requirements have been stipulated for future suppliers". 

Thus, the way in which Suppliers Lists works is that companies create a profile outlining their specifications – their size, specialisations, references etc. on the Comdia platform. From here, the companies can access those lists for which they wish to register. This means that, at any time, purchasers in the public sector can obtain a full overview of suppliers in the market and invite relevant companies to participate in dialogues, submit tenders and competitive bidding. 

Casper Helbo Nielsen elaborates:

"Both large companies and the local SMEs will easily be able to create profiles on the individual Suppliers Lists. The only requirement is that the companies create a free company profile on the Comdia platform and then register on their requested lists. This way, we are ensuring that all suppliers are treated on equal terms and that they have the same conditions of competition". 

With an ever-increasing focus on social clauses in public sector contracts, the Suppliers Lists can also be used to ensure that the companies have accepted the basic conditions for entering into contracts before they are registered on the lists. According to Cecilie Schwartz Førby, this will have a huge influence on how efforts against social dumping are organised in the future:   
"Suppliers Lists functions as a pre-qualification and is an effective method by which we organise our fight against social dumping in the system. With Suppliers Lists, the process of entering into contracts has been made much easier. Both for suppliers and for us". 

Suppliers Lists is used by a vast number of public sector organisations.

The individual lists can be found at Comdia