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City of Copenhagen – Social Dumping

The City of Copenhagen uses digital tool in the planning of its efforts against social dumping

In the autumn of 2014, the City of Copenhagen launched the campaign "Fair conditions in Copenhagen", which is intended to ensure decent wage and working conditions among the municipality's suppliers. Digital solution from Processio to provide the necessary overview.

Spot checks and action team

All suppliers of services, construction and civil engineering services for the City of Copenhagen sign the municipality's labour clause when they enter into a contract. The labour clause is also used in other contracts where this is appropriate. The municipality has entered into a contract with an external action team which will monitor whether the requirements are being met. The action team will carry out a minimum of 400, but up to 1,400, annual spot checks, at least 50% of which must be workplace inspections.  

According to Rikke Stampe Wesch, who is project manager in the City of Copenhagen's Centre for Finance: Tender and Contracts Team, this is an ambition that would be difficult to fulfil without a digital solution like Processio's:


"The action team that will carry out spot checks and workplace inspections is external, and due to the fact that contracts and agreements have been entered into with the municipality's various administrations, this was a challenge. We needed a solution that was able to provide a comprehensive overview and ensure that the action team is constantly kept abreast of which suppliers and agreements the municipality has".


The solution was a digital platform, to which both the action team and suppliers have access. Rikke Stampe Wesch explains:

"Suppliers have to register via the platform. They must report basic information about themselves and also their sub-contractors. This information will be linked to the contract they have entered into with the municipality. This way, the effort team can always draw on up-to-date information on all suppliers who are subject to the labour clause".

Simple and up-to-date
Another challenge that had to be met digitally was the suppliers' ability to easily update their information in the event of any changes:

"Our suppliers are constantly undergoing changes. There may be additional employees, new sub-contractors and so on. It is crucial that this information is up-to-date at all times and that our action team is kept up-to-date about what is happening," explains Rikke Stampe Wesch. 

New behaviour

This is the first time that all contracts and suppliers who are subject to the City of Copenhagen's labour clause have been gathered on a single digital platform. Therefore, the City of Copenhagen is devoting a vast amount of resources to inform people about it. Rikke Stampe Wesch elaborates:


"As part of the campaign "Fair conditions in Copenhagen" we are contacting our suppliers. In order for the implementation to be a success, they must embrace the new digital platform".