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Contracting authorities can conduct a procurement or public tender in several ways. Whether this includes the purchase of goods and services, innovative products or the involvement of SME’s and local businesses, the importance of the public sector defining a clear strategy for how and when to communicate with the market cannot be overlooked.

To accommodate the demands for such strategies, Comdia has developed a digital management system for Public-Private Cooperation. The system is a module based system that allows the contracting authority to interact and cooperate with the private sector in a documented and transparent way before, during and after the purchasing process. The system should be considered a digital meeting point. A place where potential suppliers - through a free user-profile - can interact with contracting authorities without having to risk a conflict of interest or incapacity. Each module of course has its own function and purposes, what they have in common however, are their ability to document interactions, while at the same time create value, transparency and equal treatment for both parties involved.


Comdia Dialogue is the contracting authority’s digital tool for online market dialogue. The starting point of the module is the Open Dialogue that allows the public sector to have a documented dialogue with potential suppliers and market interests before the completion of a purchase.

The module is applicable both in the early stages of market research, where the potential of new and untested purchasing areas can be unearthed or as a quality check of specific tender documents closer to the publication date. Furthermore, there are no limitations as to how many dialogues the contracting authority can conduct during a purchasing process.


Comdia Procurement Plans are an integrated part of the communication- and management module Comdia Pre-Curement. The module assist the contracting authority in managing and overseeing internal procurement processes, and offers an intelligent system to communicate relevant information to market interests and external partners.

The focal point of the module is the In-house procurement plan. Procurement managers can list upcoming or current tenders and purchasing projects in a restricted back-end system and through various functions share relevant information with partnering authorities, market interests and advisors.

This provides the contracting authority with a complete overview of the organisations’ purchasing activities as well as documentation of all in-house activities and interactions with external partners and interests.


Comdia Vendor registration is the second part of the communication and management module Pre-curement. Via the module vendors can register on the contracting authority’s supplier list, if they wish to be considered for the organisation’s minor purchases below the public procurement thresholds. These types of purchases can often be difficult for the contracting authority to manage, since they are usually decentralized in the organisation and are often purchased only using offers from usual suppliers only. This may imply less transparent or no competition for such purchases, or that small and local businesses may find it difficult to be considered as a supplier.


Comdia Innovation is the latest module in the OPS management system. The purpose of the module is the recurring challenge for contracting authorities to obtain the necessary overview of what the market can deliver within innovative areas such as welfare technology, Smart City or Cleantech. These markets are often composed of very small business, who do not possess the necessary resources to visualize their ideas and products to public entities.

Comdia is trying to change this trend, making it easier for suppliers to engage in dialogue with the public sector, thereby creating the one-point-of-entry that has been long sought for.

The focal point is the base module for setting up a description of the contracting authority’s needs and focus areas. Here, the contracting authority can clarify in which areas they expect to work with innovation in the future, opening the possibility for suppliers to give their views on how best to address the specific needs described.

Comdia Contract & Planning

Contract & Planning is the digital contract management tool in the PPC management system. The module keeps the contracting authority updated on the cooperation and dialogue with both users and suppliers from initiation to conclusion of a contract.

With the base module, the responsible contract manager can e.g. implement his/her contracts onto the platform, making it possible to log both users’ experience with the supplier as well as create a full overview of any sub-suppliers.